This website belongs to the Association of Czech and Slovak Forensic Handwriting Examiners (CSFHE).

Since 2013 CSFHE has associated those forensic handwriting experts from both private and government laboratories who recognize that further development of the field can only be done through continuous education, proficiency testing and research. In 2017 CSFHE had 36 members, 30 of whom were from the Czech Republic and 6 from Slovakia.

Standard documents
So far the Association has introduced a Code of Ethics and Standards designed to be consistent with similar documents of SWGDOC and ENFHEX.

Proficiency testing and education
Two collaborative exercises are organized each year by the Association to provide its members with feedback on their performance. Two weekend meetings are organized each year to share experience and receive new information through presentations and workshops.

At the moment the Association is running several experiments on:
- frequency occurrence in numeral characteristics,
- individual characteristics in legible signatures aimed at "simple" forgeries,
- general ability to simulate signatures,
- differences between simulated and disguised signatures,
- the effects of constraint space on signature execution,
- examination of digital handwritten signatures.

If you wish to get in contact with us please use the following email address: